Hilarious Travel Alert

This is a travel warning to all intending NIGERIAN visitors to the United States Of America ( since our ministry of interior will not do their job of issuing this caveat, let me do it for them. Afterall no be only America dey warn and issue travel bans to their citizens against other countries )

Sights & Sounds of Lake District, England.

Explore the sights and sounds of this beautiful and famous holiday destination in North West, England. The mountains, rivers, trees and wild life are incredible. While in the Lake District, you can take a boat trip, go for a walk on the fells or by the Lakes and explore Britain’s finest scenery. This is a…

How to get a free flight upgrade.

If you’re sick of passing through business class on the way to your economy seat, listen up. You might not have the funds to splash out on a first or business-class seat, but there are ways you can get upgraded for free.